The proportion and openings of the hotel elevations are inspired by the proportions and architectural elements of the ziggurat in the city of Iraq, the oldest city in the world and which is located in Samawa in order for the hotel to invoke the originality of the city.
The degradation in the ziggurat is reflected in the building masses, the positioning of two guestroom blocks with the two cores and the middle block and the regressions in the upper three floor plans to identity the VIP guest.

Analysis and Plans

Proportions of the openings of elevations are inspired by the proportions of the ziggurat but manipulated in a manner that corresponds to contemporary architect.
The monumentality and symmetry of the temple entrance is reflected in the hotel entrance to promote the luxury and importance of the building as a landmark in Samawa city.
Architectural elements to be used will evoque the characteristics of al Samawa region one of these is the palm tree which is abundant in the region and the patterns to be used will evoque the history of Al Samawa and the old city of Iraq

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