Analysis and Spaces

 The Concept

• The commercial zone: about 4500m² with a big central square.
• The food zone: linked to the family zone and the commercial zone, about 4500m². It includes a big restaurant with wide façade of glass.
• The family zone: links the food zone, kids’ zone and the zoo. This zone is about 7800m² with a big café, kids playing rooms, camping zone and the central duck lack.
• The kids’ zone: links the family zone, the entertainment zone and the zoo. The zone is about 2600m², and was intended to attract kids by providing vivid colors, interesting design and special events.
• The zoo: the first of its kind in al Najaf city. It has an area of about 2600m², and contains various species of animals.
• The entertainment zone: linked to kids’ zone and the zoo, it has an area of 18800m² of special fun and entertainment facilities such as circus, car racing, and skating.
• The culture zone: It has an area of about 6500m², this zone reflects the connection between the past and the future with the big central dome surrounded by the palm trees, and the big cultural library.
• The art zone: linked to the cultural zone by the theater and the central square. It includes many special sculptures.
• The Youth zone: linked to the sport zone, it has an area of about 8500m². The challenge about this zone was to design it to fit the youth spirit and we solve it by using the right colors and the furniture.
• The sport zone: It’s about 8500 m2, and contains an indoor swimming pool and several playgrounds (tennis, basketball ……).

More Details