Location :            Syria – Iraq – KSA
Year :                    2011 – 2014
Client :                  Various
Plot size:              500 m² – 2650 m²
Built-up area:     2000 m² – 6500 m²

Scope of work:   Conceptual Design – Architectural Plans

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Commercial buildings with many different facilities distributed around the Middle East. Each building has its own different features: offices, shops, services, clinics …..

We design every building to be unique with its design and meets the needs of his clients , we adopted different styles in our designs modern , classic and modern classic , our main goal was to achieve the economic saving and the harmony with neighboring , the dominant character of all the designs was using curtain walls , patterns , vertical and horizontal elements in the facades as a natural sun shades , we also attend to make the buildings sustainable from the inside and the outside by using a module commensurate with the current function of the building and using open spaces that’s allow us allow to expand with the buildings in the future .