Location:Karbala – Iraq
Client:Karbala Governorate
Plot size:5940 m²
Scope of work:Conceptual Design – 3D Animation – Primary Plans

The project is located in Karbala which is one of the most strategically important cities in the mid-south Iraq. Its importance emanates from the existence of the Shrines of Imam Hussein and his brother Abbas. The city is characterized by the vast number of pilgrims heading to the Holy Shrines on 13 specific religious occasions distributed throughout the year, which is attended by the millions annually. In addition, there are the regular pilgrims and visitors weekly throughout the year, not to mention the daily visits by several thousands of people. The unique cultural and religious heritage of the site with its strategic importance ensures that this inflow of people will continue to grow in the future, and hence the need for a well-studied solution that addresses and takes into consideration the existing structure and to also radically respond to the challenges the city expects to face in the future. For that we studied three main gates to the city the first one is in Bagdad, the second in al Najaf, and the last one in al Helleh.

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