Location :Najaf – Iraq
Year :2013
Client :The Ministry Of Higher Education – University of Kufa
Scope of work:Conceptual Design – Primary Plans – Competition Poster

Why we use the circle?
Circular shape was chosen for its aesthetical proportions and symbolism of stability and justice. It was used in a way that serves the functional distribution and expresses the idea of gathering found in law courts. At the same time this circular shape correlates with historical memory of the city of Kufa , home of the caliphate in the time of imam Ali which was a destination for those looking for justice and equality .

Building Configuration
The Basis of the building shape is the circle which is converted into a ring with the departments distributed along it and a gathering square located in the center, enabling Social communication and interaction between students and the surrounding buildings. The accurate architectural proportions, the visual axes, the spatial configuration supported by green areas, and the correlation between these spaces and the surrounding site, all this enliven the building and positively affects its usability.

The major axis traversing the ring represents the axis of symmetry and balance of the configuration.
To allow direct connection between the inner square and the surrounding site, Radial Sectors were subtracted from the ring, which also serves the functional distribution within each building, and allows all buildings to make use of the central square and the peripheral circulation Corridor that links the departments together.

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